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Early Contribution Rewards

Do Binance Early Bird participants also receive the early bird contribution bonus of 10%?

Yes, because the Binance Early Bird event runs from November 4 to 11, and that falls under the period of the +10% early bird bonus. Therefore, it also qualifies for the early bird bonus. This means that on top of the Binance Early Bird rewards from the reward pool of 6 million MANTA, you also receive a bonus 10% of MANTA. The bonus 10% is calculated based on the amount you contribute only, the Binance reward is not included in the calculation of the 10% bonus.

Are the rewards from the MantaPay Liquidity Event also qualified for Early Contributor rewards?

Yes, the MantaPay Liquidity Event rewards, which are exclusive to crowdloaners, also qualifies for the Early Contributor rewards. If you are an early contributor to the Manta Network crowdloan, you will either get 10% or 5% (depending on which Early Contributor you are). That 10% or 5% is applied to your rewards for the Liquidity Event as well and will be released alongside your liquidity event rewards.

If I contribute through Bifrost or Parallel, do I have access to the early contributor rewards?