Binance Early Bird Event

What are the timeframes of the Binance Early Bird event?

The Binance Early Bird event begins on November 4, 2021, and ends on November 11, 2021.

How do I participate in the Binance Early Bird event?

To participate in the Binance Early Bird event, you must 1) have a Binance account, and 2) participate through this link. You must contribute your DOT through that link; otherwise, you will not qualify for the Binance event.

What are the rewards I can expect from the Binance Early Bird event?

We have reserved an allocation of 6,000,000 MANTA for the event. Your share of the rewards from that 6,000,000 MANTA pool depends on:
  1. 1.
    how much DOT you contribute (represented as Your Total DOT Contributions in the formula below)
  2. 2.
    how much DOT everyone else on Binance has contributed (represented as All Total DOT Contributions in the formula below).
The rewards are calculated as follows (with the results in MANTA tokens):
Binance Rewards Calculation for Early Bird event
For example, Kevin contributes 100 DOT. Over the course of the Binance Early Bird event, Binance contributors collectively contribute 15,000,000 DOT:
Kevin's Total DOT Contributions
All Total DOT Contributions (on Binance)
Kevin's Rewards
40 MA

Do Binance Early Bird participants also receive the early bird contribution bonus of 10%?

Yes, because the Binance Early Bird event runs from November 4 to 11, and that falls under the period of the +10% early bird bonus. Therefore, it also qualifies for the early bird bonus. This means that on top of the Binance Early Bird rewards from the reward pool of 6 million MANTA, you also receive a bonus 10% of MANTA. The bonus 10% is calculated based on the amount you contribute only, the Binance reward is not included in the calculation of the 10% bonus.

Does your partnership with Binance in this event mean that you’re getting listed on Binance?

No, this event does not imply anything related to listing, and that is an independent process separate to the event that we are running together. If you are interested in supporting Manta’s listing, reach out to Binance on Twitter and tell them how much your support Manta Network and our mission to bring on-chain privacy to all blockchain projects!