Early Contribution Rewards

Early Contribution Rewards

On top of our base rewards, we have early contribution rewards. We want to show our appreciation for the early supporters. To do that, we are offering early bonuses to the contributors within the respective early timeframe.

Prior to the First Auction

Anyone that contributes prior to the start of the first auction will receive an extra 10% bonus of MANTA. For example, if Gabriela contributes 500 DOTs, she receives the standard reward of up to 2,500 MANTA (2,000 MANTA as part of the Base Reward, and 500 MANTA as Private Liquidity Rewards). As one of the early contributors before the auction starts, she receives an additional 10% bonus, or up to 250 MANTA (200 MANTAs Crowdloan Base Rewards + 50 MANTA MantaPay Private Liquidity Rewards). In total, Gabriela receives 2,750 MANTA as a reward for her early contribution.

Before the End of the Third Auction

Anyone that makes their first contribution after the start of the first auction but before the end of the third auction will receive an extra 5% bonus MANTA. For example, if Georgi contributes 500 DOTs, he receives 2,500 MANTA by default. As one of the contributors in the first 21 days after the first auction begins, he receives an additional 5% bonus, or 125 MANTA. In total, Georgi receives 2,625 MANTA as a reward for his early contribution.