Binance Early Bird

This special partnership event runs from November 4th to November 11th.
Manta Network has partnered with Binance to offer early-bird incentives for its community. Any contributors that contribute to the Manta Crowdloan will receive an early-bird incentive from the Binance Early Bird Rewards pool of 6,000,000 MANTA. The rewards will be available for any contributors who contribute through Binance between November 4th to November 11th. These rewards are rewarded to participants regardless of whether or not Manta Network wins a parachain in this batch of auctions.
*For now, we cannot guarantee any centralized exchanges will support the MantaPay Private Liquidity Event. Contributors contributing through centralized exchanges risk forgoing the Private Liquidity rewards. We are making a best effort to coordinate the event with centralized exchanges. Updates will be provided when applicable.