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Why Contribute to Manta

Manta Network is the only ZK-Snark Privacy Layer for Web3 built on Polkadot. It focuses on the important but unsolved privacy issue, and works hard to achieving its goal of providing privacy solutions to the whole DeFi world. By taking Polkadot's advantage in interoperability, Manta's first product, MantaPay, is able to privatize the entire relay chain and parachain of Polkadot, such as the stablecoins on Acala, and the EVM digital assets on Moonbeam.
After MantaPay and MantaSwap (our private AMM DEX) launches, Manta will work towards building a private smart contract platform that supports WASM and ZKvm to deploy privatized Decentralized Applications such as a privacy trading platform MantaSwap and a privacy NFT platform. Developers can build various decentralized applications on these platforms. In short, Manta will be the only platform on Polkadot that can meet users’ on-chain privacy needs, boost anti-surveillance, and ensure private tokens’ decentralization and interoperability.

Calamari Crowdloan Broke Records

Calamari wins the 7th parachain slot on Kusama
Calamari, Manta’s Canary network, won the seventh parachain slot on Kusama on September 15, 2021, after a few weeks of sourcing KSM from the broader Kusama community in a parachain loan offering (i.e., a crowdloan). Calamari’s parachain success was earmarked by record-breaking participation in a Kusama crowdloan, with over 16,000 unique wallets and over 18,000 unique contributions. Those statistics constitute a variety of different community members, including notable members such as Hypersphere, CoinFund, and Alistair Stewart, lead researcher at Parity.
Since that time, Calamari has officially launched as a parachain and runtime upgrades are being pushed to drive towards its first milestones: on-chain governance, token transfer, and testnet release. We have already run our first collator upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.0.5, and we have also completed our first runtime upgrade after passing Kusama referendum #146. We believe that the strong indicators from the community regarding the Calamari crowdloan will also help us with achieving a parachain slot for the Manta Network crowdloan.