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Parachain Slot Duration

For Manta to be successfully launched on Polkadot, we need enough DOTs to secure a parachain slot. Manta will bid for all 8 periods each with a duration of 12 weeks for a total of a 96-week lease. In other words, once Manta secures a parachain, it will be a parachain for 96 weeks before being required to undergo another parachain auction. All contributed DOT will be locked up for that period as well, and returned to the original contributors after the 96-week period.
Manta Network’s crowdloan campaign will open sometime before the start of the first auction (slated to begin on November 11, 2021) and will end once a parachain slot is won, or at the end of the first five auctions (approx. December 16th, 2021), whichever comes first. This gives Manta the flexibility to participate in all five initial auctions. The collective DOTs will be locked for 8 periods (12*8 weeks or 96 weeks total) from when parachains go live. If Manta does not win a slot by the end of the fifth parachain auction, the DOTs will be unlocked and refunded to their original owners.